92 E. First St., Nederland, CO 80466

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Alpine Botanicals is a collaborative retail, healing, and teaching space.  Under this tab you will find future job postings and other opportunities for employment and collaboration.  

Teachers & Educators interested in using our collaborative workshop space, please inquire at the email above.  

Interested artisans/ Makers of local sustainable products

Please note that we will have a strict criteria for sustainability and sourcing for any and all products being sold in the shop that include standards for Fair Trade, Organic, salvaged/recycled, non-toxic, and locally grown/produced.  

Alpine Botanicals is representative of the ideal to respect and revere our native ecosystem, encouraging the use of locally abundant and seasonal herbal medicine, but always giving back as much as we take.

If you produce items such as candles, clothing, art, gift items, beauty products, etc., you will be entering into an agreement to abide by these standards before your products will be allowed sale in the store.  We will discuss whether items will be sold on a commission or wholesale basis in our initial review of products.  Please check back soon for a downloadable list of preferred items and criteria.  Thank you!