10 Podcasts for Herb Lovers, Foodies, Gardeners, & Plant Nerds

I am a notorious music skipper, radio re-tuner, and bored car passenger.  Even at home, I can sometimes get into a music rut, get bored or just plain turned-off by TV & movies.  Sometimes I just want to be listening & learning while I'm doing mundane work or chores, and I was really excited when I rediscovered the convenience of Podcasts this past Fall on a cross country road trip with my husband.  

Whether you need that extra inspirational/educational experience for your morning commute in the car or bus, or want to listen to an interesting lecture series while you're cooking dinner, these are some of my fave go-tos to educate and inspire.  Cheers to happy listening!

Click on the Podcast title to be redirected to the Podcast site, or directly to the iTunes site.  

In Defense of Plants - this is a newer one for me, but after my first listen I was definitely hooked, especially because of the host's way of dropping technical plant vocab while also keeping the conversation light and fun.  

Herbal Radio - The Free Herbalism Project -  If you didn't know already, Mountain Rose Herbs has a great Podcast with a wonderful selection of teachers & educators speaking on a range of topics.  

HerbalEd.org Podcast -  This is one of my favorite herb related podcasts, featuring interviews and selected lectures with long-time Medical Herbalist (& goofball!) Ed Smith.  Ed also cofounded and co-owns the well-known herbal extract company, Herb Pharm.  

Natural MD Radio with Dr. Aviva Romm -  Aviva is a very well known herbalist, Naturopathic doctor, & Midwife.  This new Podcast is full of great information on holistic wellness, nutrition, herbs, and lifestyle approaches to better living.  

The Paleo Women Podcast -  This great Podcast is hosted by author Stefani Ruper, Paleo & Women's health advocate, and Noelle Tarr, Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Therapist.  I have really appreciated how much they focus on changing women's perceptions of themselves, general perceptions of beauty and what health looks like in our culture, and that they are also both super smart ladies with a lot of helpful information for staying fit and healthy, without getting crazy about it!  

Biodynamics Now! Investigative Farming & Restorative Nutrition - This is our all time favorite Podcast, because it offers so much information, the interviews are great, and they are long enough to really cover a topic.  If you're interested in or already involved in BD gardening, this is the Podcast for you. 

Healthwatch with David Naimon:  Interviews with experts in Natural Medicine, Nutrition, and the Politics of Health -  This is another of my favorites.  Dr. Naimon is an herbalist, a Chinese Medicine practitioner, and a ND.  It's always a treat to hear one expert interview another, because you'll always learn something new, and the questions are so intelligent & thoughtful.  

The Herb Nerd Podcast - It says it all in the title.  Find herb highlights from different practitioners, as well as interviews specific to health topics, owning/running an herbal business, spiritual/Shamanic/ancestral herbal medicine, and holistic nutrition.   

Beauty Inside Out with Kimberly Snyder - Kimberly answers questions sent in by listeners on everything from the basics of Ayurveda to what to eat for healthy hair.  

Intelligent Medicine - Hosted by Dr. Ronald Hoffman, this Podcast features discussions on a HUGE range of health topics, and is based in natural health approaches & preventative medicine.  

Here are some honorable mentions: You can search for these on iTunes or wherever you subscribe 

The Agroinnovations Podcast

Herb Talk

The Ketovangelist Podcast

Dishing Up Nutrition

Deepak Chopra Radio

Good Life Project

Survival Medicine

Biodynamic Gardening Report

diy2thrive Podcast: Homesteading, Organic Gardening, Foraging wild foods and herbs, Self-reliance, and Survival strategies

Herbal Musings from the Heart of Herbs

The Chinese Herb Health & Longevity Show

The Prepper Podcast

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