Conscious Gift Giving

Conscious gift giving reminds us to focus on what’s really important during the holidays: appreciating our loved ones in a way that overlaps with caring for the planet. Even if we all just did a few things each year, we could significantly reduce the waste we produce around the holiday season.


Here are a few low waste holiday ideas that make spirits bright, and create a conscious impact:


  • Use natural decor for parties + cheer, nature is the best vibe!!! Think moss, pine branches, cinnamon sticks, pine cones, wreaths, etc.


  • Shopping local, ethical, + secondhand.


  • Giving your time, every bit counts!


  • Choose something that is reusable, before going for disposable.


  • Fabric wrapping paper is simple, yet game changing when it comes to conscious giving!


  • Eating in-season + local.


  • Homemade + DIY gifts: perhaps one of the most rewarding ideas on the list!! why not turn this time of year into a creative outlet and learn something new you’ll enjoy all year long? This holiday season, we are offering a workshop on How to Make Your Own Lotions + Lotion Bars with herbal & organic ingredients! Especially as the winter becomes dryer, handmade skincare is such a thoughtful, low waste, and conscious gift.


Join us on December 7th from 12pm - 2pm with Brittany Risse, creator of Loves Lemons Skincare, and learn to make lotions + lotion bars for you loved ones this year! Register in advance here or in-person at the apothecary.

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