Guidance For Aspiring Herbalists

Embarking on your path as an herbalist can be exciting and daunting all at once.

For many herbalists, when you’re first exposed to the world of herbalism it can easily induce a state of awe, wonder, and, sometimes, overwhelm. There are so many fascinating aspects, interesting people, mysterious herbs, and magical concoctions to be made...where does one even begin?! Oftentimes when you’re first starting out, you dive into learning a little bit of everything that herbalism has to offer. And while this can certainly satisfy your herbalism “itch” and introduce you to the many different aspects that herbalism carries, when you’re ready to deepen your herbal knowledge, it is time to start honing in on your craft.

In our latest article in the Collective Wisdom Magazine, Clinical Herbalist & Alpine Botanicals team member, Heather Saba, shares some simple guidance for aspiring herbalists that can help you figure out the next steps to take on your herbal path. 

Read the full article in the E-Version of Issue 5 of the Collective Wisdom Magazine here.

We encourage you to reference and return to this article as a resource whenever you are at a crossroads on your journey with herbalism. As a team of passionate herbalists, we are committed to supporting all herbalists as part of our growing community in whatever ways we can!

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