Herbal Tips To Stay Cool & Calm All Summer Long

Summer is officially here!! The sun is shining, the plants are thriving, and all we want to do is play outside. Along with all of the beauty that Summer brings, HOT temperatures are also a natural part of the season too! Up here where the altitude is higher and the sun’s rays are more intense, overheating can be a real concern. Luckily for us, we have many different herbal allies & natural tips to draw from to help stay cool. Read on to discover our top herbal tips for staying cool and calm all Summer long.

  • Enjoy your Herbs on Ice.
  • Any of your favorite herbal teas can be poured over ice for a cooling and refreshing beverage! When mixing your own herbal tea blend, favor moistening, hydrating, and cooling herbs like marshmallow (Althea officinalis), peach leaf (Prunus persica), mint (Mentha spp.), and hibiscus (Hibiscus spp.). You can also use herbal tinctures to make your own refreshing mocktails like lavender lemonade, turmeric spritzers, and more! Ask our staff of herbalists for more ideas on delicious herbal beverages you can make for yourself or to share at Summer gatherings.

    One of our favorite preparations is making an herbal solar tea. Prepare your own solar tea by pouring room temperature water over your herbs then placing them in a sunny window to infuse for a couple of hours. Strain, add ice, and enjoy! Our Summer Sun house tea blend makes a beautiful solar tea (all your guests will be stunned by the vibrant color!)

  • Spritz Herbal Hydrosols
  • One of my favorite ways to stay cool and calm during Summer is to keep an arsenal of herbal hydrosols chilling in the fridge to use as needed for a refreshing spritz! Mist over the face, back of the neck, under the arms...pretty much anywhere that helps cool you down. Bonus: this tool doubles as a quick hot flash fix too.

  • Try our Cool & Calm Herbal Tea
  • Did you know that one of our house tea blends is formulated specifically to help keep you cool during those extra hot moments? Meet our Cool & Calm herbal tea. Blended with peach leaf, oatstraw, rose buds, and hollyhock flowers, this tea has a light and refreshing flavor that is delightful over ice on a hot Summer day. We have had many women exclaim how this formula has helped balance their menopausal hot flashes too! We only sell this blend in bulk, so just ask our staff to weigh some out for you at our herb counter.

    Let herbs be your allies this Summer! Even though the temperature may be spiking fast, you don’t have to let the heat get you down this year. Swing by the shop to stock up on all your herbal tools to help you stay cool & calm all summer long.


    About the Author:

    Heather Saba is a Certified Clinical Herbalist and Nutritionist, Medical Anthropologist, Writer, Whole-Body Wellness Coach, and Holistic Educator. She sees clients both in-person and through Skype in the Alpine Botanicals clinic room and at her office in Boulder for one-on-one herbal + nutritional wellness sessions, including custom herbal formulations. Connect with her on her personal website (www.heathersaba.com) and Instagram (@heathersaba).

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