Kristen's Favorite Trick For Managing Hip And Low Back Pain

The second most common pain complaints I see from clients in my practice are hip and low back discomfort.

Our bodies were not created to sit in chairs

I believe the main culprit behind these pains are our seated lifestyles—not to mention, chairs are a very odd design, considering how a human would actually sit out in nature.

Our bodies are yelling at us, trying to get our attention, but it’s challenging in this day and age to be able to listen and respond to those cries for attention. I know I have a difficult time of it, with all the computer work I do and my need to drive to get anywhere (since I live in the sticks).

You can manage your discomfort

I have not yet found the magical cure to hip and low back pain. I’ve been able to help people manage it in my bodywork practice, but it tends to creep back in with our modern day lifestyles. I also believe a major contributor is unmanaged stress and emotional issues.

The one thing, however, that I have found to help manage my back pain is the exercise in today’s video.

How to:

In this exercise, remember, it’s not a passive stretch. You’re going to focus on pressing your top ankle down into your bottom knee, and your top knee into the imaginary surface below (you’ll see what I mean, when you play the video).

Really engaging your muscles to hold that position, is what is going to give you the most benefit out of this work.

Click on the photo below to watch the video guiding you through this exercise.

Thanks for reading along (and watching)!


Who is Kristen Stephen?

Kristen Stephen is a bodyworker, practicing integrative manual therapy at the Alpine Botanical's Healing Space in Nederland, CO. Her mission is to help people live lives with less pain and more joy.

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