Love Month Gift Guide

Who says that we can only express & share our love on one day of the year??

While Valentine’s Day can still be a special day if you choose to celebrate...devoting an entire month to love is more up our ally ;) This February, we will be focused on loving up on ourselves and all of our friends & family all month long. After a challenging 2020, it feels like a special time to remind those we care about how much we love them through acts of appreciation, gift-giving, Facetime calls, a heartfelt card, and surprising them with their favorite treats. 

While there is no need to buy someone something to show them your love, giving and receiving gifts is a love language in and of itself! If you speak the love language of gift-giving (or have a loved one in your life who does), it’s time to start percolating some ideas for Love Month (or really any time of the year you want to show some love!) 

We gathered up some of our best gift ideas for yourself, friends, lovers, or family. We hope you get inspired to share some big love this month to everyone you care about, near and far, including yourself.

Be Still My Heart Herbal Massage Oil

We felt inspired to create some special love-filled products this season incorporating Biodynamic herbs that we grew in our herb garden. 

Our ultra-divine Be Still My Heart Herbal Massage Oil is a true delight for the senses & the skin. Warming with a sensuous floral aroma, we infused skin-soothing & circulatory-stimulating botanicals with Rose Quartz over the Aquarius full moon to create this perfectly magical massage oil. Apply daily in long loving strokes towards the heart or ask a loved one to massage it in for you. 


Open My Heart Herbal Tea

Our Limited Edition Open My Heart Herbal Tea is truly an uplifting, sensuous, and love-filled herbal brew. Infused with Biodynamic Chocolate Mint (grown in our own herb garden), Rose petals, and Damiana, this blend is designed to help open & nourish the heart while helping cultivate healthy boundaries. A perfect ritual tea to enjoy alone or with loved ones.


Warm My Heart Herbal Cocoa Mix

Our Limited Edition Warm My Heart Herbal Cocoa Mix is the perfect tasty and decadent elixir. Heart-warming and delicious, this herbal cocoa mix incorporates aromatic spices with Rose, Maca, and Shatavari. We add a dash of Biodynamic Cayenne pepper (grown right in our high altitude greenhouse!) for the perfect touch of spice. Enjoy the Warm My Heart Herbal Cocoa Mix any time of day with your favorite nut milk.

Self Love Soak

This organic botanically infused bath soak has become one of our staff favorite products! We call it the “Self Love Soak” because bath time is one of our favorite practices for self-care, especially in the cold Colorado climate. It also makes a wonderful gift for a loved one. 

We combine powdered organic coconut milk and coarse Himalayan pink sea salt with Hibsicus and Rose to make a love-filled bath experience. The addition of Cardamom, Sweet Orange, Lemon, and Rose essential oils create a soothing and warming aromatherapeutic experience.

Vital You Bath Bombs

Speaking of how divine tub-time can be for practicing self-love...the Vital You CBD-Infused Bath Bombs make an incredible gift in celebration of Love Month. We suggest trying one of their limited edition bath bombs which we just stocked up on in-store at Alpine Botanicals! 

The Enchant bath bomb is grounding, sensual, and alluring with notes of Oak, Vanilla, Sandalwood, and Honeysuckle, topped with Rose & Lavender petals, and infused with 50 mg of Hemp-derived CBD isolate.

The Smitten bath bomb has a bit more of a stronger relaxing quality with 70 mg of Hemp-derived CBD isolate. This special bath bomb is heart-shaped, blending with Grapefruit, Jasmine, and Rose essential oils and sprinkled with Rose petals for the most divine bath experience.

**Please note that our Hemp and CBD-based products are not listed for sale in our online shop. If you are interested in ordering online, please send us an email for more information and help processing your order:


One of the most relaxing gifts you can share with yourself or another is the gift of aromatherapy. There is nothing quite as sweet as thoughtfully selecting an organic essential oil or essential oil blend that reminds you of the person you’re gifting it to. And there is nothing quite as empowering as loving creating a blend for yourself, relaxing your sense and calming the heart every time you inhale it. 

We have a beautiful selection of organic essential oils, essential oil blends, and diffusers available in-store and in our online shop to choose from and customize for whomever you are gifting to.


Candles are undoubtedly, one of the most cherished gifts for stoking the fire of love. Whether you are lining your bathtub with beautiful candles, setting the vibe in the bedroom, or adorning your altar space, candles are a gift appreciated by all. 

We have an abundance of 100% beeswax, local-made candles from Amber Lights and a handful of essential oil and coconut wax-based candles to choose from in our lovely shop at all price points.


We designed this limited edition Love Bundle with the perfect assortment of thoughtful herbal gifts & goodies, including some of our special My Heart herbal formulas. This bundle is customizable with the option to choose either the Warm My Heart Herbal Cocoa Mix or the Open My Heart Herbal Tea. Add on a 100% Beeswax Bee Pillar Candle and one of our Self Love Soaks for the ultimate Love Bundle. Plus, when you bundle you save 15% off. 

If you’re in need of more gift ideas for Love Month, send us an email at or swing by the shop and ask our staff for some inspiration!

Here’s to a beautiful month of celebrating LOVE in all its forms~

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