On Meditating With Plants

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” ~ Lao Tzu

Meditation is the greatest rebellion against a society that moves too fast. In a world that can feel a bit chaotic at times, sitting and meditating with plants can become our greatest solace. When you start to slow down enough, you start to notice how the body is subtly calling out for moments of stillness to balance out our busy and chaotic lives.

Breaking free from our daily routines to spend a moment connecting with nature in some way is beyond essential on so many levels. Sitting with plants can help “re-set” our mental space, refresh our energy, and revitalize our spirit. 

On the days you feel as though you are pushed to your edge and the days you feel too drained to work, plant your feet on the Earth and allow yourself to connect with all of the thriving life around you. 

Whether you are resting in a small park, wandering through a vast forest, or gazing at the plants on your apartment balcony, you can find an outlet to connect deeply with nature. Regardless of what other traditions might tell you, there is no “right or wrong” way to meditate. And there is no one looking over your shoulder judging you on your plant meditation. It is just you and the plants before you. Sitting, observing, and feeling. 


If you’re curious to experiment and dive into the world of plant meditation, read our article in Issue 6 of Collective Wisdom Magazine for some insights & guidance to help deepen your journey and exploration. The E-Version is available to read for free online and the print version is available for purchase while supplies last.

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