Kristen's Favorite Hack For Shoulder Tension Relief

Most people who come to see me in my practice have tension in their neck and shoulders. I’ve seriously met maybe two people who don’t—and they’re pretty much like unicorns.

Humans were not meant to sit still

Our amazing bodies were meant to be used. They were not meant to remain in one place and one position for 8+ hours a day—hands forward, typing or driving, with our shoulders squeezing up to our ears.

But that is how the majority of us live our lives today.

Our shoulders don’t have to hurt all the time

I wish someone would have told me this six years ago, but our shoulders don’t have to hurt all the time! The main reason we all carry tension in our shoulders is due to our lack of movement combined with a lack of awareness.

In our modern day world, we don’t teach our children to listen to and pay attention to their bodies. We’re taught to ignore things and push through discomfort, which only causes more problems down the road.

You can learn to listen to your body

You may have a hard time getting into the habit of paying attention to your body while working, or while driving, but it’s a worthwhile thing to try and tune into. Habits can be challenging to form and hard to break, though, so don’t beat yourself up.

One thing you can do, while learning to listen, is to preventatively bring some movement to your shoulders in the morning, or do this exercise after work—or both, if you really want to experience change.

How to:

In this exercise, you’re going to work one arm at a time, really focusing on the sensation you’re feeling in each arm.

Remember to try and keep your opposite shoulder still, and your chest facing front, in order to get the deepest, most direct movement from the shoulder you’re working.

Click the photo below to watch Kristen's video guiding you through how to do this exercise!


Who is Kristen Stephen?

Kristen Stephen is a bodyworker, practicing integrative manual therapy at the Alpine Botanical's Healing Space in Nederland, CO. Her mission is to help people live lives with less pain and more joy.

Visit her website to book a session with her in our healing space


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