Tips For Staying Emotionally Resilient In 2020

The turning of the new year tends to be a pivotal time for most. A chance for deep reflection on the past year and inspiration for the year ahead in addition to setting goals, resolutions, and personal intentions. Regardless of what your New Years’ resolutions are (or if you even choose to do them!), it is so important to ensure that you are emotionally resilient through the process. When we challenge ourselves to change something big in our lives or to start something brand new, it’s vital that we feel sound and stable in ourselves and our emotions throughout the process. 

Although this might sound like a daunting task, there are actually many simple, natural tools you can start implementing now to help keep your emotions balanced throughout the year ahead. In this article, our staff offers some of their favorite tips for staying emotionally resilient in 2020. 

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Kate’s number one tip for staying emotionally resilient is to make teas and tonics in large batches so that they're always on hand. For the Holiday period between Solstice until after New Year, Kate always had a pot of supportive and tummy-soothing herbs and water in the stove that she could easily simmer and reheat once brewed. This way she always has a warming and tasty beverage to help her cope with whatever she is dealing with stress-wise. However, it doesn't have to be the holidays to make things in big batches! Kate often does this at home in the evening so that the next morning she can easily reheat her tea and have a cup before she goes to work.


Kate has been adding licorice and cinnamon, along with small amounts of 100% organic fruit juice to help stave off sugar cravings. She suggests trying tart or black cherry, pear, or fresh-squeezed orange juice.  


The key with herbs, in general, is vigilance and consistent use. When Kate makes it a part of her day to drink a hot herbal infusion, she chooses to create a supportive ritual for herself while fostering a more intentional time to find her breath and connect with her body. Making things in batches ahead of time means that overwhelm is less likely to get in the way of her taking her daily herbs. Plus she always has extra made when friends and family come over to visit!


Along with making large batches of teas and tonics in advance, Kate’s emotional resiliency mantra is to “embrace your nest and let yourself rest.” This means creating intentional space and time to sleep as much as your body desires. It is winter after all! Kate suggests taking the time to prepare your body for bedtime, starting an hour to two hours beforehand. Enjoying relaxing teas, like our Alpine Botanical’s Calming Tea, and other supportive herbal extracts can be wonderful for this. So often we are locked into a certain idea of how much sleep we need or can afford to give ourselves. Allowing ourselves to sleep more than the standard eight hours, especially in winter, is a great way to nourish the adrenal glands and give the body a chance to tell the mind how much rest is actually needed, instead of vice versa! Especially for folks who deal with chronic illness, even if unidentified or undiagnosed, constant fatigue is a sign to check in with yourself about how you might be unconsciously or consciously limiting your sleep to what you feel is acceptable.



Focusing on nourishment in all of its forms is Courtney’s main tip for staying emotionally resilient in 2020. She typically starts simple by cooking a nourishing meal for herself or making a pot of tea (our Alpine Botanical’s Garden Goddess tea is a wonderful blend for helping harmonize our digestive, hormonal, and reproductive systems - which can all take a hit when we are emotionally stressed!).


Lifestyle changes and practices are big for Courtney as well when it comes to cultivating emotional resilience. She suggests getting outside, dancing, and singing to help clear stagnant energy, stress, and emotions. As a professional beekeeper, a spoonful of raw honey always helps calm and center her heart as well! 



Gabe is a big advocate of supporting emotional resilience from the root by balancing underlying nutritional deficiencies. If he had to pick only 2 supplements to take for helping balance his moods he would choose Vitamin D and a good quality multivitamin (like Thorne Basic Nutrients which we carry in the shop). Vitamin D has been shown to help stabilize mood imbalances, especially those which are connected with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).


Although some multivitamins have Vitamin D in them already, it is usually a good idea to supplement with extra especially during the months of the year with limited sunlight. We carry a great liquid Vitamin D at Alpine by Thorne which is also balanced with Vitamin K2 (an important cofactor for Vitamin D). 




One of Heather’s favorite herbs for staying emotionally resilient is albizia (Albizia julibrissin), also known as mimosa. Whenever she is going through an emotionally challenging time, the albizia tincture from Herb Pharm is her go-to.


Albizia is considered a “heart exhilarant” herb, meaning that it can help circulate and “exhilarate” congested energies around the heart, which is often where our emotional tension and stress reside. Bonus: albizia can also help lift the spirits and our mood when we are feeling down in the dumps.

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