Why Does It Matter What You Put On Your Skin?

Just like how what we put inside our bodies has an effect on our health, what we put on the outside has an effect too. Our skin is the largest organ in the body and it not only serves as a barrier to protect our precious internal environment, but it also acts as a sponge by absorbing what we apply to its porous surface. Many common ingredients found in personal skincare products degrade our skins natural barrier, cause irritation and cell death, and contain known harmful synthetic toxins.


We can reduce chemical burden and exposure through the skin by choosing products that are simply made using natural sources. Organic products with plant-based ingredients act as “skin food” —nourishing, hydrating, protecting, fortifying, and even healing our skin. The wonderful world of herbs and oils opens a door into holistic self-care rituals, vitality, and alignment with nature. 


It is beyond worthwhile to switch from synthetic to pure and simple skincare, and it's empowering to make your own! Being a part of the process means you can experiment, customize, and cater to your own needs or preferences. Most raw ingredients can be found at natural foods stores and be sure to check our workshops page as we offer ongoing DIY herbal workshops at Alpine Botanicals throughout the year.


You can join Brittany Risse for a DIY Natural Lotions Workshop @ Alpine Botanicals May 11th, 12-2pm and learn how to make nontoxic lotion with plant-based ingredients. Each student will go home with printed materials and a lotion sample from the class. 



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