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Herbal Skin Nourishment for Face & Body

This whipped butter was the answer to our prayers for an all-purpose product that is garden-inspired, full of skin-soothing botanicals, Organic Raw Fair Trade Shea Butter, and tons of nourishing oils.  Kate swears by this butter as her everyday head-to-toe all-over-butter.  Its multipurpose application means less clutter and more simplicity in your skincare routine.  We love this as a face & body moisturizer, a plant powered serum, a skin irritation helper, a pregnant belly butter, and even a hair mask to help heal split ends.  We opted for a totally vegan Shea Butter heavy formula instead of adding Beeswax to our botanically infused oils.  Many of our customers are telling us that this butter has absolutely changed their skin for the better! 

Directions for Use:  Apply the desired amount to clean barely damp skin for best results. Pair with our Luminous Skin Spritz for that all-over glow.  Perfect for after sun exposure, as a daily moisturizer and treatment. The product will melt above room temperature, gently re-whip to return to normal texture. (We recommend not leaving this in a warm car, or similar environment where it can lose its amazing whipped texture.)

For Hair Mask: Add to damp or dry hair, massaging into ends and leaving on for at least 15 minutes before shampooing, or leave on overnight.  Optional to wash hair in the morning, or embrace the extra oily feeling in your tresses and your hair will continue to soak it up!  

Key Ingredients

Comfrey Leaf :: This incredible herb is rich in allantoin, a plant constituent revered for its skin cell rejuvenating properties, making this a wonderful ally for  scars and helping the skin to repair itself after trauma or irritation.  We grow ours at our Biodynamic garden, using agricultural methods which help to heal & build soil, provide habitat for pollinators, and in turn produce some of the most potent plant medicines available.  Caution: Comfrey is such an incredible skin healer, if applied to open cuts and wounds, it can seal in infection!  Use on clean skin only.  

Tulsi Holy Basil :: Not often thought of as a topical herbal ally, Tulsi is your skin's best friend if you deal with acne or irritated/combination skin.  We love the slight basil scent it adds to our Alpine Butter.  Also sourced from our Biodynamic garden, this plant is regarded as a favorite of both native and non-native pollinators and is wonderful grown as an annual in most climates.  

Licorice Root :: The rhizome of this plant is slightly sweet and can helpful for supporting a healthy inflammatory response.  It adds a brightening effect to our Alpine Butter, making it the perfect choice for those working with hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and melasma. 

Rose Petals :: We add rose to everything we possibly can!  This fragrant blossom helps soothe the skin, including irritation from heat aggravation, redness, intensive skin treatments, and sunburn.  Some of our customers have mentioned it's wonderful to use post-professional Spa treatments and Facials! 

Ingredients:  Fair Trade & Unrefined Organic Shea butter, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Rose Hip Seed Oil, Biodynamically Grown Comfrey leaf, Biodynamically Grown Tulsi Holy Basil leaf, Organic Licorice root, Organic Rose petals, Organic Essential oils of Rose Absolute & Rose Geranium

This product is available in a 1oz, 2 oz, or 4 oz glass jar.

***An important note on shipping jars of butter in warmer months: Please note that your skin & body butter or lotion bar may have softened in transit due to warmer temperatures. Pop the product into the fridge for an hour to resolidify before use. Butters can be gently re-whipped to return to normal texture.  Please order with an understanding that we do not control the weather or shipping transit times and we cannot refund you for products left in hot mailboxes, left outdoors, or otherwise.  Please track your shipment to avoid any issues.***

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