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Luminous Skin Spritz


Soothing & Brightening Facial Toner with Organic Botanicals

Lovingly formulated & crafted at Alpine Botanicals, this facial toner will leave your skin looking and feeling luminous and hydrated. Drawing from different organic botanicals, our Luminous Skin Spritz can help brighten the facial complexion, soothe dry or irritated skin, and provide a burst of hydration. Spray on the skin during your skincare routine (after cleansing and before moisturizing) or anytime throughout the day when you need a refreshing spritz! Pro tip: store this toner in the fridge during the warmer months of the year for quick cool-down on a hot day (or during a hot flash!)  

Directions for Use:  Spritz onto clean skin before applying treatments, serums, and moisturizers. May be applied before using our Sunshine Butter or Alpine Butter.

Organic Ingredients:  Organic Witch Hazel, Ethically Wildcrafted Alpine Elderflowers, Organic Red Rose petals, Self Heal leaf/flower*, Organic Lavender Hydrosol

* = Biodynamically grown

Available in a 1 oz travel size or 4 oz full-size glass spray mist bottle. Also available in our Mini Skin Bundle & Full-Size Skin Bundle.

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