Rooted with Ali

Natural Deodorant (Assorted Scents) - Rooted With Ali


Available in three scents:

  • Rosemary & Mint
  • Lavender
  • Tea Tree

This is an aluminum free deodorant stick and the smell of rosemary mint, lavender, or tea tree are each refreshing & effective options. It will leave you smelling fresh and dry all day.

Each deodorant container is 2.36 OZ

All natural and organic ingredients used

All sticks contain small amounts of baking soda to help control odor along with arrowroot powder to absorb wetness and coconut oil, having anti septic and antibacterial properties, is in there too:)

NOTE: All sticks do contain small amounts of baking soda. The smallest amounts are used to make this an effective product while also allowing my most sensitive customers to enjoy too.

Application: Should not have to use multiple applications per day. Once or twice throughout the day should keep you feeling fresh.

Should not leave any stains on your shirt but recommendation is to wait 5 min before dressing to allow oils to absorb into skin.

Bacterial and anti fungal properties in oils are all kept in mind when making scent options.

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