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Alpine Botanicals' Large Bag Herbal Tea Bundle Save 25%

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Buy all five of our large size (4oz) herbal teas and save 25%! 

Retail Value of $88.00

Bundle includes:

Seasonal Steep >> One of our favorite blends for supporting the body's response to seasonal and other allergens. Formerly known as Allergy Ease tea, Seasonal Steep can be taken to both ward off allergies from coming on and to support acute allergy symptom relief. A must-have during pollen season! Read more about this blend here.


Calming Tea >> Six powerhouse herbs combined for a tasty blend perfect for soothing the mind, body, and spirit. Our Calming Tea works well as an after-meal tonic and has a particular affinity for the digestive tract. Have a friend or loved one who holds their stress in their tummy? This tea is for them. This blend is also wonderful during recovery from stressful & traumatic experiences. Read more about this blend here.


Garden Goddess Tea >> For all of the garden goddesses (and gods) out there: this tea is for you! This caffeine-free blend features a lovely assortment of herbs that help harmonize our hormonal, digestive, and reproductive systems. Bonus: when enjoyed leading up to or during menstruation, this tea can help decongest the pelvic region and ease cramping! A combination of earthy and floral flavors with a pinch of sweetness from whole stevia leaf, our Garden Goddess tea can be enjoyed at any time of day.  Read more about this blend here.  


Happy Head >> The perfect tea for headaches, tension, car/motion-sickness, and even migraines! Kate Miller, owner & founder of Alpine Botanicals, formulated this tea after years of test batching formulas that could help support and prevent the migraine headaches she was getting almost weekly due to Lyme Disease and severe illness. This herbal formula not only combats the symptoms of tension, sinus, and other kinds of headaches, it's also supportive to the liver and digestive systems, containing herbs with mood-enhancing and adaptogenic properties.  Read more about this blend here.


Hibiscus Rose >> Formerly known as our "Summer Sun" tea, this herbal blend is ultra-hydrating and refreshing for any time of year! Whether you are parched from a long day out in the sun or dried out from raw winter weather, our Hibiscus Rose herbal tea is here to help. Lightly floral & mildly tart in flavor, this supremely moistening tea blend can be enjoyed daily or as needed to help the body stay hydrated.  Read more about this blend here.

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