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Seasonal Herbal Tea Trio (2 oz Bags) - Save 15%

$29.75 $35

Buy three of our small size (2 oz) herbal teas and save 15%!  Retail Value of $35

Bundle includes:

Mountain Root Chai >> The Alpine Botanical's Mountain Root Chai is an instant staple for the herbalist's, tea lover's, or foodie's kitchen. A twist on your classic chai, our Mountain Root Chai combines warming aromatic chai spices with nourishing herbal roots for a more earthy flavor and added liver-supportive benefits. Top off your brew with a splash of your favorite milk or blend it for a delicious frothy cup of chai! Perfect for warming the spirits and the body on a chilly day.


Cold & Flu Brew >> Our Cold & Flu Brew herbal tea has been a staple formula at Alpine Botanicals since we first opened! This brew supports the immune system both preventatively and when acutely sick. A supreme immunity tea, the Cold & Flu Brew can help alleviate symptoms when one is already sick and help "nip a sickness in the bud" when taken at the first inkling of something coming on. It's also pretty darn tasty! An essential herbal tea blend for the whole family to have on hand while traveling or throughout cold & flu season.


Resilient Reset >> A staff and community favorite, this blend is formerly known as "Detox Tea" for its nausea, fatigue, and headache-soothing properties. A mix of liver-supportive herbal roots, warming circulatory stimulants, and a burst of refreshing peppermint, this tea is a delicious way to support your body's natural means for detoxification in a gentle yet powerful way.


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