Strictly Medicinal

Garden Mugwort Organic Seeds

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Family: Aster (Asteraceae)

Artemisia vulgaris

Hardy to Zones 3 to 9

(Common Mugwort, Wild Wormwood, Ai-ye)  Herbaceous perennial, a vigorous spreader and self-seeder.Plant has soft leaves, pleasantly downy on the undersides.  Traditional usage (TCM, TWM): Moxa, circulation stimulant, dream inducing. Plant prefers sun to part shade and will grow in gravel, waste places or regular garden soil.  Sow very tiny seeds on surface and tamp in securely.  Keep evenly moist until germination, which takes 1 to 3 weeks.  Plant 2 feet apart.  Grows 3 to 4 feet tall.

Packet contains 200 seeds

Open Pollinated, Untreated, NO GMO’s

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