Alpine Botanicals

Clay Mask Blends


Pick between our 2 different clay + herb mask powders to match your skin type, take it home and mix some with your favorite hydrosol or one that will further focus the purpose of your mask, or water and apply it to your face and neck.  You can also choose to mix in yogurt, milk, green or herbal teas, or even apple cider vinegar.  

FOR SENSITIVE OR DRY SKIN:  Kaolin clay, powdered Rose Hip, Wild Yam & Rose petals.  Gentle clay mixed with herbs that are high in Vitamin C and have an anti-aging affect on the skin.

FOR OILY SKIN - Green clay, powdered Rosemary, Lavender, Marshmallow, Wild Yam & Activated Charcoal.  A drawing mask with both Green Clay and the binding action of Activated Charcoal.  This mask was designed for people wanting to deeply cleanse their skin and/or balance moisture content. 

All masks come in a 4 oz jar

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