Alpine Botanicals

Garden Bath Tea


Organic Botanicals for Tissue Healing & Relaxation

Made with some of our favorite Biodynamically grown botanicals for tissue healing, ritual bathing, & post-partum sitz baths.

This nourishing herbal bath tea is packed with herbs that promote tissue healing & tonification along with muscle & mental relaxation. Add the prepared tea into your bathtub or pour into a smaller basin for a traditional "sitz bath" or "hip bath" which offers more targeted support on the pelvic region. This gentle and soothing tea blend makes a wonderful gift for new mamas to use during the postpartum time!

Directions for use: Brew 1/2 to 1 full cup of herbs with freshly boiled water, strain and add to bath. You may also place herbs into mesh or cotton muslin bag and place directly in bathwater to steep. We have found that a mesh produce or nut milk bag with drawstrings hanging off of the bath tub faucet works awesome!

Each 5 oz bags contains between 5 - 10 servings depending on desired strength of bath tea.  

Organic Ingredients: Calendula blossoms*, Plantain leaf*, Comfrey leaf*, Yarrow flowers*, Lavender and Rose flowers.

*Biodynamically Grown

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