Kate Miller is a community herbalist, biodynamic herb grower, & Permaculture Design Teacher.  She is formally trained in the field of Permaculture Design & Herbal Medicine, with a focus on Dry-land Farming, Western Herbalism, Mountain Ecology, & Ethical Wildcrafting Practices.  She is a Certified Herbalist from the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism in Boulder, and graduated with honors from their Fundamentals and Advanced programs before going on to a year-long apprenticeship with an herbalist and holistic healthcare practitioner.

Kate began her studies in herbal medicine and nutrition as a teenager to cope with chronic physical illness, including Lyme Disease, severe food allergies, & autoimmune issues. She is currently exploring how various modalities in alternative medicine, such as Ayurvedic, Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine complement Anthroposophical (Biodynamic) medicine. 

She collaborates in her clinic with various acupuncturists, body workers, and holistic healers in the peak-to-peak region of Colorado to foster collaborative discourse and host educational forums and classes that explore the connection between different healing traditions to encourage community and self agency of preventative healthcare. 

Kate teaches on herbal medicine, garden strategies, fermentation, Biodynamics, and more at Permaculture Design Courses throughout Colorado including the Boulder PDCDenver PDC, and Sunrise Ranch PDC and Permaculture Action Days.  

She believes in the magic that both food and herbs can bring into our daily lives and rituals and is continually inspired and surprised by her students and clients; having witnessed countless times the sense of empowerment that occurs when each of us realizes we already carry the ancient and inherent wisdom of how to heal ourselves and grow our medicine. 

When she's not at the Alpine Botanicals Apothecary, you'll usually find her hiking with her husband and dog, working in her herb garden, or recipe testing edible and topical creations in her kitchen.  She lives in a 100% off grid home just minutes away from her shop and cherishes the nurturing quiet and beauty of living on the edge the Rocky Mountain Wilderness at 8500ft.

Kate has been interviewed on the Urban Farm Podcast.  Listen here

Kate and her husband Greg were featured on an episode of the series Building Off Grid on the DIY Network.  Season 5, Episode 7 can be found on Amazon.