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Kate Miller is the founder of Alpine Botanicals Artisan Apothecary in Nederland, Colorado. She is a Certified Herbalist, Biodynamic herb grower and Permaculture Designer & Teacher with a focus on Dry-land & Alpine Farming, Western Herbalism, Mountain Ecology, Ethical Wildcrafting, & Habitat Restoration.

She began her studies in herbal medicine and holistic nutrition as a teenager to cope with chronic physical illness, including Lyme disease and autoimmune conditions.  She is currently exploring how various modalities in alternative medicine, such as Indigenous European and Traditional Chinese Medicine, are complemented and enhanced through Anthroposophical approaches to healing.  Kate actively explores her ancestral medicine traditions from her Celtic, Ukrainian, Germanic, & Mediterranean roots.

Her apothecary’s mission is to encourage personal agency over one’s health through knowledge of and access to regeneratively grown herbal medicines.  

Kate was introduced to Biodynamic farming methods in 2010 during an internship at Growing Garden's in her senior year at CU Boulder.  She received her degree in Environmental Studies with a focus on International Sustainable Agricultural Policy.  She has been intensively learning & practicing biodynamic and regenerative farming methods at the Alpine Botanicals herb farm site located in East Boulder since 2015. She will be doing this work on a larger scale at her new farm in Southern Idaho.

Kate has taught on alpine ecology, agroforestry, herbal medicine, garden strategies, fermentation, Biodynamics, and more at Permaculture Design Courses throughout Colorado including the Boulder PDCDenver PDC, and Sunrise Ranch PDC , and Permaculture Action Days.  

Kate has been interviewed multiple times on The Living Permaculture Podcast as well as on the Urban Farm Podcast  Listen here

She has been a contributor in the digital and print magazine Collective Wisdom.  

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