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Our Greenhouse



Our project aims to be as sustainable and vertically integrated as possible, and although we strive to grow as many of the herbs for our apothecary as we can (or source them from local and bioregional farms), it's tough farming outdoors at 8,000 feet elevation.  Fortunately, we designed our building with a greenhouse in mind, for ideal heat exchange all year round and increased energy efficiency for the entire structure. 

Our sustainable forest garden greenhouse flanks the entire south side of the building.  This beautiful green living space will help supplement the apothecary with more tender species of herbs, as well as providing a look into the potential possibilities for greenhouse growing at high altitude.  Having a greenhouse attached to our structure helps increase energy efficiency by decreasing heating costs in the winter.  We will be able to hold gardening classes year round, and provide a beautiful “break room” for our employees, as well as a sanctuary for volunteers and clinic visitors.  We would also love to hold events inside this beautiful green space once we really get it "growing", including hosting birthday and tea parties, as well as other private events.