Where Our Herbs Come From

Regenerative for the Earth.  Local and bioregional.  Harvested at peak potency and treated with care.  

We aim to source many of our bulk herbs directly from growers and farmers in the state of Colorado, from the Front Range to the Western Slope.  We also strive to grow as many of the herbs that we carry as possible, at our micro herb farm in Boulder.  Since opening our doors in March of 2018, we have become widely known for the high quality of the herbs we grow and sell.  We are happy to grow more and more each year, and be able to offer the community some of the most vibrant, aromatic, and medicinally potent herbs available on the market.

At our herb farm in Boulder, we practice Biodynamic growing & harvesting practices.  We started incorporating these practices into our farm model beginning in 2015.  Biodynamic philosophies incorporate the movement of the Moon and the greater Celestial bodies (Planets) to foster the greatest amount of life and fertility in the soil.  We time our farm activities in accordance with lunar and planetary rhythms, much in the same way our ancestors have for millennia.  These practices have unequivocally increased the soil microbiota in our garden soil, as well as the love in our hearts for the work we do.  You can feel, smell, and taste the love in the herbs we grow and sell.  The garden is a vibrant microcosm of life, and we are grateful to have such a special place integrated into our business model.

What herbs we cannot source locally are sourced from Certified Organic and organic growers around the region, state, and internationally when necessary.  We do not compromise on quality or sustainability, and for that reason, there may be short periods of time we are sold out of specific species.  

The wildcrafted species we offer in our apothecary are harvested on private land only, with owner permission, and are harvested in ways that ensure future abundance and with attention to local ecology.  

Many of the brands you'll find in the shop use herbs grown directly by the company or by their neighboring and local farms.  Though not all of our inventory is able to be sourced locally yet, with innovations in greenhouse technology and season extension, we hope to be able to source more and more of our herbs as locally as possible.  

Are you an herb grower practicing organic and regenerative agriculture?  Contact us!  We would love to support your work and collaborate together to bring the community the highest quality herbs possible.