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Our versatile space provides a venue for workshops in Permaculture Design, as well as classes in high altitude ecological gardening, Biodynamic agriculture, astrology, botany, holistic nutrition, herbal medicine & medicine making, homeopathy, Ayurvedic & Traditional Chinese Medicine, Art, mindfulness practices & meditation, and more!

We look forward to collaborating with teachers and facilitators on a variety of topics.    


The Chemistry of Herbal Extraction & Spagyric Preparation (2 part series)

Wednesday April 25th 6-7:30pm - (Link for tickets)

Sunday June 3rd 1-2:30pm - (Link for tickets)


Intuitive Eating Series with Holistic Nutritionist Erika Elizabeth (3 part series)

Saturday April 28th 10am -12pm: Introduction to Intuitive Eating: Food freedom + why dropping the labels is the most evolved nutritional approach. 
Saturday May 12th 10am -12pm: Trust Your Gut: The importance of gut health + feeding your gut to optimize connection to your intuition. 
Saturday May 26th 10am -12pm: Eat with Joy: Reframing the way you view food, feeding your body, mind & spirit + practices to nurture your relationship with food
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