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Hyssop Organic Seeds

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Family:  Mint (Lamiaceae) 

Hyssopus officinalis

Hardy to Zones 5 to 10

Woody perennial evergreen shrub native to the Mediterranean and one of the more northern hardy of the Mediterranean plants.  This is a classic herb used in knot gardens and for low hedging.  It can be readily shaped and is quite lovely in flower.  The aroma of the flowers, either fresh or dried, is completely unique and one of the best of all herbal aromas.  Traditional usage (TWM): the common cold.  The plant prefers full sun and regular garden soils, excellent drainage.  Sow seed in spring in flats.  Scarify seed lightly on fine sandpaper.  Barely cover seed, tamp well, and keep evenly moist, warm, and in the light until germination, which takes 7 to 10 days.   Transplant to pots after the second set of true leaves appears.  Within a few weeks, the seedling will have grown sufficiently to transplant out to the garden.  May also be direct seeded in a fine seedbed or nursery bed.  Thin or transplant to 2 to 3 feet apart.  Flowers to 3 feet tall.  Cut back in fall to limit snow damage and maintain a nice mounded shape.

Packet contains 100 seeds

Certified Organically Grown

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