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Immune Support Bundle Save 15%

$29 $31

Gift this immune bundle to a loved one in your life, or enjoy the savings for yourself!  Discounted 15% off its total retail value of $34 & $56 depending on the tea bag size.  

It's a challenge to choose favorites amongst our collection of herbal products, but these are some of our top-selling and most suggested products for supporting immunity & health.  

Bundle Includes:

Cold & Flu Brew >> Choose from a 2 oz or 4 oz bag.  

Our Cold & Flu Brew herbal tea has been a staple formula at Alpine Botanicals since we first opened! This brew supports the immune system both preventatively and when acutely sick. A supreme immunity tea, the Cold & Flu Brew can help alleviate symptoms when one is already sick and help "nip a sickness in the bud" when taken at the first inkling of something coming on. It's also pretty darn tasty! An essential herbal tea blend for the whole family to have on hand while traveling or throughout cold & flu season. 


Immune Season Spray from Herb Pharm >> Provides complex support for a healthy immune response.*  Read more about this formula here.  


Elderberry Zinc Lozenges with Honey & Lemon from Nature's Way >> We've been loving these herbal lozenges for on the go immune support.  


Herbal Sani Spray >> 1 oz spray with our Fresh Mint Scent.   Keep your hands clean with our Herbal Sani Spray!

Base Ingredients: Distilled Spring Water, 99.9% Isopropyl Alcohol, Freshly Blended Aloe Vera Gel from Organically & Biodynamically grown Aloe plants in our greenhouse + Lavender Hydrosol + Organic Essential Oils


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