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Introduction to Flower Essences - Sunday July 21st from 3-5pm


Sunday July 21st 3-5pm at Alpine Botanicals

EARLY BIRD PRICE $22 UNTIL JULY 15TH - $27 after July 15th


In this class we explore Flower Essences and begin to understand how they can aid us in daily life with anxiety, depression, motivation and shifting trauma or other emotional status.   When we meditate with a Flower Essence, we begin to feel and understand the emotional and energetic shift each plant evokes within us. Students will experience a handful of Flower Essences and individually share their experiences.  You’ll be amazed at the similarities and differences each of us has in relation to each plant. We will also learn how to make our own Essences at home. This class is a basic introduction to the Bach Flower Essences, however if this work calls to you, it will be expanded into a longer and more in depth multi-class series on Flower Essences.

Flower Essences work on an energetic and emotional level and are safe for anyone, including Children and Pregnant Women.  They are created from flower blossoms infused in spring water and sunshine. Flower Essences aid in shifting trauma, anger, depression, guilt, emotional outbursts, insomnia and other emotional imbalances.  They help to raise our vibration into a balanced state. If the plants call to you on a deeper healing level, you are welcome to schedule a personalized Flower Essence consultation with Jocelynn.



About the instructor: Jocelynn Rudig, Certified Clinical Herbalist and Bach Flower Essence Practitioner

Jocelynn Rudig has been practicing the art of Herbal Medicine for over 10 years. She is the owner and curator of Radicle Remedies, an Herbal Apothecary that offers one-on-one wellness consultations, community workshops and handmade organic body care products. A Radicle is the first growth to emerge from a seedling that establishes the foundation and vitality for the future growth of a plant.  Our healing process is analogous to the Radicle. If we are properly fed, nourished and given ideal growing conditions, we can grow and thrive in a balanced and vital state.

Jocelynn combines her knowledge of Medicinal Plants, Flower Essences, Aromatherapy and Nutrition to create a wholistic platform for her clients and students.  Jocelynn studied at the Ohlone Center for Herbal Studies, Northwest Botanical Institute and the Clinical program at the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism. She has had the pleasure to be mentored by herbal greats such as Paul Bergner, Christa Sinadinos, and Karen Sanders. She is furthering her studies as a student of  5 Element Acupuncture at ITEA.

Jocelynn resides in Boulder, CO where she spends all of her free moments exploring and communing with the natural world and majestic mountains. She frequently journeys out into the world to share her healing arts and teach Yoga, Aerial yoga and Aerial dance. Please visit  to learn more.

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