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Local Pickup


Our local pickup days are every weekday between 11 am & 4 pm.  

Please select your preferred pickup time and date using the "Select Local Pickup Time" button, and after you have chosen your preferred time, select "Add to Cart".  

*Please note that you must complete checkout to confirm your selected appointment time in our system.  You will receive a confirmation email when your appointment is confirmed.  

Currently, we are coordinating curbside pickup for orders five days a week, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 11 am and 4 pm, every 30 minutes.  We require all Local Pickup customers to schedule their pick up time in advance and to show up precisely on time, in order to avoid crowds in front of our store and protect our staff and our customers.  *Please note that our local pickup days may be subject to change in consideration of Holidays, extreme weather, or other situations.

If none of the pick up times we offer work for you on any of our available pick-up days, please let us know as soon as possible and we can coordinate shipping out your order.  *Please be aware that if your original order total was less than our Free Shipping minimum of $75, you may be required to pay for shipping costs before your order can be shipped.*

If you are running behind schedule, or are not able to make it your scheduled pick up time for any reason, please call us at the shop at (720) 486-8500 or email us at 

We will put your order outside our front door at your scheduled pick up time, in a bag or box with your name written on it and your packing slip inside. If you do not alert us of changes in your schedule, or do not show up to retrieve your order, we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.  Thank you for understanding the measures we are taking to protect ourselves and our families during this time.  Please plan accordingly or coordinate to ship your order if you have concerns about our Local Pickup policy.

Thank you so much for understanding our policies and for supporting our small business!

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