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Nederland Moon Mná Circle

Nederland Moon Mná Circle
Gather in sisterhood to celebrate the new moon through the Celtic traditions
Hosted by Tara Wild and Alpine Botanicals

Throughout the ages, we have gathered as womxn to share stories, bear our souls, heal our wounds, and find comfort and companionship through our felt-experiences.

When we gather around the full moon, we reconnect to a sacred rhythm that our DNA remembers, and you begin to remember a more wild and primal part of yourself.

So often in our modern world, where many of us live in isolation from each other, we forget that 99.99999% of our ancestors lived in community. In a society where we often feel separate, like we have to bear our burdens alone, we long for connection, support, and sisterhood deep in our bones.

You give your nervous system a sacred opportunity to relax and bathe in delicious oxytocin. You give yourself permission to slow down, fill your cup, and nourish your dreams. You make a commitment to live with greater intention and let go of what’s ready to be released.

Together, we will discover the joys of connecting not only with each other and the moon, but also the wisdom of the Celtic goddesses and traditions through ritual and storytelling.

You’ll have the chance to connect with many different parts of you and feel yourself as a living, breathing reflection of the goddess and her many faces. Whether you have Celtic ancestry or not, these archetypes and traditions will connect you to the core essence of who you are.

If you long to celebrate the moon in sisterhood, to connect with these ancient traditions and discover the more that you are…we hope that you’ll join us.

This in-person circle is for anyone who identifies as a woman.  Pre-registration is required in order to guarantee your spot, and also for our planning purposes.  This event is free to register.  Sliding scale donations of $15 to $25 are encouraged but not required.  We appreciate donations in order to support the work of the circle facilitators & host, as well as helping us provide tea at each event. 


Each circle will start at around 6:30 pm and may last until 9 pm.  Participants are encouraged to arrive by 6:15 pm to settle into the space before the circle starts.  

Upcoming Circle Dates and Themes:
Thursday February 20th - Brigid's fire blessings
Thursday March 26th - Boann's crafting and storytelling
Thursday April 23rd - The Morrigan's Burlá Ghuí

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