Neroli Hydrosol (4 oz) - Savitur Botanicals


Neroli Hydrosol

True hydrosols are the bi-product of essential oil distillation. Also known as floral waters, hydrolates, flower waters or distillates, hydrosols contain all of the water-soluble elements of a plant and are very effective for skin care, as well as extremely safe. As they are a milder extract, hydrosols are suitable for all manner of applications where essential oils would be too strong. In most hydrosols there is less than 5% naturally occurring essential oil.

This is the hydrosol of Orange blossoms, when distilled into an Essential oil as Neroli.  These orange blossoms come from Egypt where the owner of Savitur Botanicals has a close relationship with the locals.  

It is produced from the flowers of the bitter orange tree.  The scent is a gorgeous floral, sweet, powdery, and a little spicy. 

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