Northwoods chaga

Northwoods Chaga — Natural Goodness


This chaga is naturally harvested from the cold climate of Northern Maine. The chaga is harvested from yellow and white birch trees from an eco-system that has historically and continues to be logged to this day. To assure a limited impact on the trees, all chaga is harvested during late winter, while the trees are in the dormant stage. A portion of the chaga mushroom is taken from the tree, leaving an ample amount of the fungi to continue to grow. No damage to the hardwood part of the trees occurs during harvesting.

Chunks of chaga need to be steeped for at least 1 hour using warm water. You want to wait until the tea becomes a dark reddish-brown before consuming. Some enjoy steeping the tea by simmering it over low heat for up to 4 hours or brewing in a slow cooker.


Each bag contains ~5 oz of Chaga.

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