Alpine Botanicals

Osha Root Honey


Every Fall the entire Alpine Botanical's team ventures out onto a beautiful piece of sacred, private land (with permission) to ethically wildcraft this powerful root. Also known as "bear root," Osha is also a favorite herb for the local bears as they have been known to dig it up for stamina and well-being throughout hibernation. Revered as a sacred herb in many native traditions, the fragrant aromatics of Osha root pair perfectly when infused into the natural sweetness of honey. Enjoy our Osha Root Honey for respiratory support, to help ease altitude adjustment, enhance the immune system, provide general vitality + more!

Directions for Use:  Add to your favorite tea, raw treats, or enjoy by the spoonful as desired!

Ingredients:  Locally & ethically wildcrafted Colorado Osha root, Organic Rosehips and Clove buds in Colorado Honey

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