Rooted with Ali

Dry Shampoo (Blonde & Brunette) - Rooted With Ali


Dry shampoo is perfect for those days when washing your hair is just not happening.

This blonde dry shampoo contains arrowroot powder and a small amount of cocoa powder to create a color that blends well with all blondes while absorbing moisture and adding texture with volume.

3 oz

BLONDE SCENT: Lavender. Great for soothing the scalp and smelling refreshed.

BRUNETTE SCENT: Peppermint and the natural scent of cocoa gives the wonderful scent of chocolate mint while the peppermint is great for stimulating hair growth.



Apply a few shakes to roots to combat greasiness. Use fingers tips or make up brush to blend into roots.



*arrowroot powder, * cocoa powder, lavender essential oil.

*organic ingredients



*arrowroot powder, * cocoa powder, peppermint essential oil.

*organic ingredients


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