Strictly Medicinal

Silverweed Potentilla Organic Seeds

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Family: Rose (Rosaceae) 

Potentilla anserina

Hardy to Zones 4 to 8

Creeping herbaceous perennial native to Europe.  Red stoloniferous roots give rise to divided, silver-pubescent leaves accented with waxy, bright-yellow flowers to 12 inches tall.  The dried roots and leaves of this plant are used traditionally (TWM) as treatment for oral lesions, alleviating pain and speeding healing;  also a trailside remedy for treating diarrhea.  Plant prefers sun to part shade and a moist loam, sand or gravel, prospering in lowlands, moist gardens and oceanside habitats.  Sow in fall or spring.  Barely cover seeds and tamp securely, then keep cool and moist until germination.  Space plants 1 foot apart.

20 seeds per packet

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