Alpine Botanicals

Sunshine Butter


Ultra Moisturizing Organic & Non-Toxic Sun Protection

On a mission for a totally non-toxic sunscreen and daily moisturizer?  Look no further.  

This nourishing herbal sunblock is Kate's best friend in the garden, for face & body, all season long.  

We use only safe non-nano and completely non-toxic Zinc Oxide in this sunblock because it provides a safe UV barrier without absorbing into the skin. While Zinc Oxide reflects UV rays and protects you from sunburns, botanical oils and butter sink into the skin to provide lasting moisture, antioxidant treatment, and soothing properties.  We add enough Zinc-Oxide to provide about SPF 15-20 protection. 

Zinc Oxide also has certain antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that make this formula ideal for those who tend to break out or have sensitive skin.  It's also Reef Safe, so you can bring it with you on your next beach vacay.  

The deep rich red tint of the Sea Buckthorn oil provides a little rosy hue to the butter.  For most users, it goes on slightly zinc-y but absorbs nicely after a few minutes.  This is not your average SPF, and it's best to apply every 1-3 hours depending on your level of activity and the climate.  

Directions for use: Apply the desired amount to clean barely damp skin for best results. Reapply for continued sun protection after exposure to moisture or activity. This product will melt above room temperature, gently re-whip to return to normal texture.

Pro tip! Mix a little bronzing powder or mica into the butter before application to achieve an extra sunkissed look.  

Ingredients: Fair Trade & Unrefined Organic Shea butter, Organic Cocoa butter, Organic Apricot Kernel oil, Organic Jojoba oil, Organic Sea Buckthorn oil, Organic Rose Hip Seed oil, Non-Nano Zinc Oxide

This Sunshine Butter is available in a 2 oz frosted glass jar and a 4 oz frosted glass jar. 

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