Alpine Botanicals

Venus Bloom Smoking Blend


Uplifting & Euphoric Herbal Smoking Blend

Our Venus Bloom Smoking Blend is a true delight for the senses. Filled with jasmine blossoms, rose petals, and chocolate mint, this blend is divinely uplifting while offering a mild euphoric sensation. Enjoy smoking this herbal blend as part of a daily ritual or when you need to uplift your spirits. This looseleaf blend can also be easily mixed with other smokeable herbs to your taste.

Directions for Use:  Simply add to a pipe, or enjoy rolled into an herbal joint. Best if ground to mix herbs completely just before using. Please enjoy sparingly and with intention.

Organic Ingredients:  Mullein leaf, Jasmine blossoms, Rose petals, Coltsfoot leaf, Marshmallow leaf*, Chocolate Mint leaf*

*= Biodynamically grown

Each 2 oz glass jar contains 0.25 oz of Venus Bloom Smoking Blend.

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