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What Would Nature Do? (FREE EVENT October 5th from 2-4pm)


Change is coming, and it is set to be rapid, disruptive and difficult to accurately predict. If we are to truly step into our power, as we are being called to do, then we will need to not only unlearn a lot of the old way, but we will need to redefine what it means to engage with change, what it means to stand in community, what it means to lead.

What Would Nature Do? is a month-long, hands-on course that explores the intersection of two systems design methods—Theory U and Permaculture Design—as powerful pathways to co-creating a resilient, regenerative, and equitable future for all.  Join facilitators Emma Ruffin & James Edwards for this FREE 2 hour workshop which will introduce and explore the basic concepts covered in the extended course - beginning October 12th!  

Although this event is FREE, space is limited and pre-registration is required.  Register here on the website, at the shop, or by calling us at (720) 486-8500


Nature has billions of years of problem solving under its belt. What if we could harness the wisdom of nature to help us create clarity around complex social problems?

This course is for community organizers, innovators, entrepreneurs looking to scale their work, designers, consultants, educators, people interested in honing their leadership skills, creatives, facilitators, and YOU.

You will receive a strong foundation in both Permaculture Design (a form of systems thinking) and Theory U (a change-leadership methodology), and an opportunity to connect with local leaders, as well as:


Find out more about Emma, James, and the "What Would Nature Do?" course by exploring their website.

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