Strictly Medicinal

White Sage Organic Seeds


Family:  Mint (Lamiaceae)

Salvia apiana

Hardy to Zones 7 to 12, otherwise grown as a potted plant and protected from frost.

(Sacred White Sage ) Woody perennial native to California.  White sage prefers sandy soil in the full sun. Plants grow quickly during the summer and may be trimmed back in the fall, after flowering is complete.  The beautiful white foliage of this indigenous plant sets off the silver-blue flowering spikes. This is the most highly valued and revered of all North American Sages, burned ceremonially to cleanse the spirit and welcome positive thoughts. Foliage is light green to white when the plant is young, and turns very white as the plant matures, and especially after drying the leaves. The characteristic perfume of this plant is sweet and penetrating. Cut the leafy wands in the fall, semi-dry them, then tie into bundles for use during the winter.  Scarify seeds on fine grit sandpaper, sow seeds in very sandy soil, barely cover, tamp well, keep warm and in strong light and water only once daily until germination. Our seed is from northern-hardy individuals and is a vigorous germinator–normal germ time 14 days in warm and light conditions. Winter survivability improves when the plant is surrounded by a deep mulch of sand at the crown–this keeps the crown warmer and drier. Winter survival also encouraged by planting on the south side of a building, where it gets reflected light and protection.  White sage loves dry, sunny exposure. Plant 2 to 3 feet apart. Rosette usually grows to 2 or 3 feet tall, and flowering spikes may reach 6 feet.

Cut back in fall.

Packet contains 100 seeds

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